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Autumn 82-page-001.jpg
Editor: Frank Ormsby: Contributors: Raine, Latham, Curtis, Mayer, Ewart, Bland, Dewar, Carr, Kirkpatrick, Gorman, Campbell, Smyth, Mathais, Platonov, Jude the Obscure. Book Reviews by Allen, Johnstone, Montrose, Maxwell. Cover by Mary Farl Powers.

Carol Rumens A Necklace of Mirrors-page-001.jpg
Honest Ulsterman Publications 1978.

Cathal 1997 Irish-page-001.jpg
Cast in Clay (Irish) Given away free with issue 103 of the Honest Ulsterman.

Cathal 1997-page-001.jpg
Cast in Clay (English) Given away free with issue 103 of the Honest Ulsterman.

Ciaran Carson The Lost Explorer-page-001.jpg
Honest Ulsterman Publications 1978.

Derek Mahon Light Music finished-page-001.jpg
Ulsterman Publications 1977

HU Frank Ormsby-page-001.jpg
Honest Ulsterman Publications 1978.

Geoffrey Squires Figures-page-001.jpg
Honest Ulsterman Publications 1978

HU Gerald Dawe 90-page-001.jpg
Honest Ulsterman Publications 1991.

Harry Clifton finished-page-001.jpg
Ulsterman Publications 1975

April 1969-page-001 resized.jpg
Editor: Michael Stephens: Contributors: Stephens, Chadbon, Nash, Hopkins, Wilkin, Matthews, Finn, Blease, Betley, Simmons, Holland, Featherstone, Gilbert, Brindley, Mcateer.

Aug - Oct 74-page-001 resized.jpg
Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Dunn, McCaul, Paulin, Peacock, Carson, McMullan, Daly, Lavery, McLaverty, Brown, Kelly, Burleigh, Lynch, Greacen, Allen, Skinner, Burke, McKenna, Curtis, Hogan, Pursglove, Simmons, Morgan, Foley, Ewart, Longley,…

Aug 1969-page-001 resized.jpg
Editor: James Simmons, Contributors: Ewart, Adams, Stephens, Waterman, Murphy, Muldoon, Mulhern, Ormsby, Kennelly, Jenkins, Topping, Smyth, Dugdale, Thomson.

Aug 1968 rezised.jpg
Editor: James Simmons: Contributors: Hewitt, Stephens, Kennelly, McFeeter, McElroy, Burleigh, Friel, Montgomery, O’Connor, Simmons, Ellis, Walshe.
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