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HU Covers 1971

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Honest Ulsterman Covers for 1971. There were five issues of the HU in 1971, one every two months, with the exception of March/April which didn't appear. The first cover of the year started with a bang. Designed by Martin Turner and once again with a somewhat dark humour reflecting the era it depicted a rather cheeky chap with a very traditionally shaped bomb and a huge grin on his face as he is about to light the fuse. Perhaps it was also meant to represent the HU placing a bomb under literary traition so to speak. At any rate it was a very effective cover. 

The rest of the year's issues were essentially differently coloured variations of the text only design. Pink for July/August and orange for November/December for example. 

The editors in 1971 were Michael Foley and Frank Ormsby.

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