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HU Covers 1969

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Honest Ulsterman Covers for 1969. This year saw the very impressive feat of 12 issues of the HU published monthly which wouldn't be the case in later years. The front covers are made up of various designs with not really a set style though there would be repetitions of December 1968's style in the February, March and August 1969 issues. 

The June issue is interesting in that it has 'a scene from the French film 'LE MUR' from a scenario by John Paul Satre' with Dennis Mahaffey (left) looking at John Montague.

The September 69 issue cover we're told in the following issue is created by 'Mrs Phil Goodall'. The October 69 issue itself has one of the HU's classic covers, created by Una Fleming, featuring an armed figure and barbed wire with the rather ominous 'Moderation is Not Enough' in a gothic font imprinted on it, mirroring the begining of the Irish 'Troubles'. December saw the development of the stylish text only HU cover that would be used regularly for the first few years of the mag's existence. 

The editor in 1969 was James Simmons with the exception of the April issue edited by Michael Stephens and the December issue edited by Michael Foley and Frank Ormsby.

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