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HU Covers 1968

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Covers from Honest Ulsterman issues in 1968. May 1968 saw the publishing of the first edition of the Honest Ulsterman with a cover that pronounced the issue as 'a magazine for revolution' and suitably in the spirit of the time had 'Love', 'Exile', Humanism' and 'Hashish' and perhaps prophetically 'New Song' amongst other things emblazoned across the front in strange fonts as if these words were alien to the Northern Irish locale. 

The second issue, June 1968 had a photo of Tony Harrison in Nigeria on the cover and the text continued to be made up of various fonts though that told the titles of some of the contents. 'Bachelor Deceased' was by Seamus Heaney for example. 

The cover of the October issue was a drawing created by Rachel Simmons and there was a return to photgraphy for the November issue which contained a photo of Michael Stephens who had a couple of poems in the issue. The December cover dispensed with photos or drawings and just used text albeit with the continuation of the use of various fonts on the cover. 

The editor of this year's issues was James Simmons. 

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HU Covers 1968