Heather Clarke - The Ulster Renaissance (an excerpt)

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Heather Clarke discusses the early years of the Honest Ulsterman

“another bizarre joke”: E.A. Markham’s Honest Ulsterman Poems, 1976-1978

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Ellen Howley explores E. A Markham's Honest Ulsterman poems 1976-78.
This essay is funded by The Foyle Foundation.

On Littleness and Value

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Susanna Galbraith explores the concept of 'littleness' in relation to literary magazines.
This essay is funded by The Foyle Foundation.

Little Beginnings by George McWhirter

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George McWhirter takes a subjective and personal look at his experience of little magazines at home and abroad. The latest of our Foyle Foundation…

Everyman - How Everyman was born in Benburb by Michael J. Farrell


Originally published in the October 2018 The Honest Ulsterman issue: