Soundings 3


Editor: James Simmons.
Contributors: Bernard McLaverty, Frank Ormsby, Michael Foley, Ewart Milne, John Morrow, Augustus Young, Jude the Obscure,…

HU Jan - Apr 1976

hu april 1976 cover 2.png

Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Skinner, Kelly, Nicholson, Draper, Allen, Lewis, Young, St. Vincent, Markham, Eckhard, Rosborough, Terry,…

Threshold No. 27, Spring 1976.

Three Plays-compressed-page-001.jpg

Three Plays by Patrick Galvin - The Last Burning; Nightfall To Belfast; We Do It For Love.
From the Collection of Brendan Hackett, with thanks.

HU May - Oct 76

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Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Rumens, Morrow, Harvey, Paulin, Skinner, Warner, McMullan, Stuart, Sommer, Purflitt, Carson, Foley, Johnston, Jude…

HU Nov - Dec 76

Nov Dec 1976-page-001.jpg

Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Foley, Kelly, McLaughlin, Smith, Young, Stephens, Matthews, Morrow, Paulin, O’Callaghan, O’Driscoll, Percy, St.…

HU Jan - Feb 77

HU Jan Feb 1977-page-001.jpg

Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Kelly, Draper, Wilkes, Flynn, Forbes, Muldoon, Scammell, Poster, Peacock, Carson, Gallagher, Stephens, Wiljer,…

HU Mar - Apr 77

HU March April 77-page-001.jpg

Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Cassidy, Wiljer, Allen, Scannell, Motion, Magee, Curtis, Muldoon, McMullan, Deane, Kennelly, Mignon, Longley,…

Threshold No. 28, Spring 1977.

Threshold No. 28-compressed-page-001.jpg

Editors: John Boyd and Stephen Gilbert.
Contributors: E. M Forster, John Sparrow, John Bryson, George Huxley, John McGahern, Mary Bryan, James…

HU May - Sept 77

HU May Sept 77-page-001.jpg

Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Freeman, Glendenning, Ewart, Ireland, Phillips, Cooke, Foley, Parfitt, Lavery, Morrow, Kinghan, Rumens, Raine,…

HU Oct - Nov 77

HU  1977 Nov cover cropped.png

Editor: Frank Ormsby. Contributors: Stessel, Glendenning, King, O’Callaghan, Clifton, Brown, Reid, Smyth, Denman, Adair, McKinnon, Forbes, Swift,…

Robert Johnstone: Our Lives Are Swiss

Robert Johnstone Swiss-page-001.jpg

Honest Ulsterman Publications 1977.

Derek Mahon: Light Music

Derek Mahon Light Music finished-page-001.jpg

Ulsterman Publications 1977

Still Running by Patrick King

Still Running King-page-001.jpg

An Ulsterman Publication

From the collection of Brendan Hackett, with thanks.

A Killing In The Grove by William Peskett.

A Killing William Peskett-page-001.jpg

An Ulsterman Publication

From the collection of Brendan Hackett, with thanks.

Upstairs Neighbours by Douglas Marshall

Upstairs Neighbours Marshall-page-001.jpg

An Ulsterman Publication
Cover by John Middleton
From the Collection of Brendan Hackett, with thanks